Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Final Day In New Orleans

We spent most of our day at the National World War II museum. A commonly asked question is "Why is the D-Day museum in New Orleans"? The boat that allowed the beach landings which marked the turning point of the war was designed by a man named Higgins from New Orleans. The majority of the US Navy was built in New Orleans at Higgins plants.

Making the most of the street cars of New Orleans

Our destination for the day

Museum sprawled across large buidlings

so it can house these
We started by watching a 4D movie which summarised America's efforts. Five years in the making, it was very well put together and well worth watching. The next experience was a simulation of a mission aboard the submarine USS Tang. We were all assigned roles which the children, especially Jonah, took very seriously. It was a little too real for him, panicking when enemy fired upon the submarine. Otherwise, the whole family thoroughly enjoyed the museum. I had never had a good grasp of the war waged in the Pacific. The exhibits made it easy to understand, delivering the information in small chunks which were interesting and easily digestible.

Jonah highly excited about Final Mission

Participation required to see if we would have made the same decisions as the war strategists face with the dilemmas they faced

The B17 bomber

No time to lose. Lunch at the museum was surprisingly good.

Propaganda shots

How does it compare with the original?

Lara's turn. Unfortunately she's a little too short...

Jonah got as far as putting the helmet on

I might add that the gift shop had the most impressive array of women's clothes styled from the 1940's. If only I had luggage space! It was with great reluctance that we left the museum. The sun was setting and we had to grab dinner. We made full use of the jazzy pass which we purchased in the morning for unlimited rides on the city's streetcar. A delicious dinner at Frenchman street with a lovely waiter completed a great final day in New Orleans.

Enjoying fried chicken, fried catfish, ribs, gumbo and much much more on our final evening

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