Wednesday, 8 January 2014


I'm afraid today's post will be brief and rather mundane. It was a long driving day as we made our way back to Florida, specifically Tallahassee. The children did well with only one stop along the way for lunch at Zaxby's. Lunch was very salty which made it difficult to ascertain if the food was tasty! It was with great relief when we arrived at the Homewood suites to remember that they serve a light dinner. No one felt like going back into the car for another drive no matter how short.

The scenery changed to water, water and more water

The much anticipated fried chicken

Looked good but was oh so salty!

There was one highlight, the birthday cake smoothie

As I type munching on biscuits with a cup of tea in hand (yes it does make the typing rather laborious...), Malcolm has descended upon the laundry room with a glass of beer in hand.

Here are some notables, or not so notables for the day:

  • We had to stop in Mobile to post back the garage key for the hotel in New Orleans! Well at least now we can stay we have stopped in Alabama. One more state ticked off the list!
  • Elliot swallowed a lolly whole after being tickled by Jonah. He was sobbing with thoughts of imminent death from the pain of oesophageal spasm. Oma and Opa were ready to take him to the hospital. Daddy wasn't so sympathetic, telling him to relax and stop crying. The spasms eased very shortly with the help of the ipad.

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