Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Labadee, Haiti

We awoke to find the ship docking at Labadee, Royal Caribbean’s private island in Haiti. One of the nice touches on RCL is how the elevators announce to guests to exit the elevator at the right level to disembark. We loved it! There was no need to try and listen out for announcements over the squeals of excited children (& adults) or turn on the TV searching for relevant information. Once we got out of the elevator, there were clear surrounding signs that then led you in the right direction towards the gangway.

Breakfast at the Concierge Lounge

Our first glimpses of Labadee

Barefoot Beach as seen from the ship

And we're off!

How can one see this and not want to jump into the water!?! Even the grandparents wanted to jump in!

Today we had a chance to discover how the top end enjoy a beach day. We had splurged for a Cabana at the Beach reserved for Suite guests. Once we got on the island, a golf cart drove us towards Barefoot Beach where our cabana awaited us. Our attendant for the day was Rolex! He showed us the amenities, informed us of where lunch was going to be and helped us settle into our cabana. Malcolm had wisely picked one that in the shade but that was also close to the water. As our cabana was by the rocks and under the trees, it stayed in the shade the whole time we were there. The fan also helped keep the cabana cool. The ice cold bottled water in the eski was appreciated by the whole family.

The children immediately ran off to float in the water, utilising the floats given for us to use. Following that, they snorkelled and found to their great delight, a big number of fish. I chose to make full use of the comfortable sofa lounges to read my book.

Follow the signs for Barefoot Beach

Our golf cart awaiting us around the corner

We've reached our destination!

Get those lizards off my spot!!!

The children didn't stay in the cabana long when the water beckons! Was so quiet...

Oma and Opa got the idea very quickly. I don't think Opa moved much the whole day...

Excited to go snorkelling...maybe?!?

Before we knew it, it was lunch time. We didn't have to walk far for our BBQ lunch. The offerings were decent and the family returned to more relaxing time post lunch.  Our day at Labadee ended all too soon and it was time to reboard the ship. We took the children to utilise the ship's ice-skating facilities while awaiting the dining room to open. We had to eat dinner quickly as the adults had booked tickets for Chicago, the broadway show. The dining room staff did well. We finished our dinner (all 3 courses) in 30 minutes! The children were deposited in the stateroom and the adults went to the show. What a great show! The cast was of great calibre and it was pure entertainment for the whole 90 minutes. It was a shame that we were surrounded by a few uncultured guests who kept talking throughout the performance!

We returned to the stateroom in a hurry to check on the children. Elliot had taken his role of being in charge very seriously. They had ordered a plate of dessert each for themselves via room service and were soundly asleep in bed!
The ice-skating rink onboard the ship!

Let's go ice skating!

Proof of the children ordering themselves room service!

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