Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015...A New Start

A new start on so many levels...the most obvious one is the resurrection of this blog for the umpteenth time. With such an eventful 2014 the blog was sadly again left by the wayside. 2015 promises to be a better year. How could it not with 2 Disney trips planned?!? Yes you read correctly, after our hiatus from international travel, we are finally able to plan with gusto once more! Our first trip will be to Canada and Alaska to help Malcolm fulfil his lifelong dream of playing golf at Banff. The one at the end of the year hopefully will be to visit Japan. And guess what is in Japan...Tokyo Disney Resort! The children will be able to tick off their last Disney castle before Shang Hai Disneyland comes into the picture. Last but but least, 2015 will be the year of spiritual and intellectual rejuvenation. With that here are my resolutions:

1. Delight in the word of the Lord.

I am determined to set aside time to read the bible rather than doing it "whenever" I can squeeze it in. I am most aware of how children model their behaviour based on those around them. Hopefully I am able to instil in them a love for the bible rather than just an obligatory read.

2. Live for Jesus every day.

Not just on Sundays after I'm inspired by the sermon...but everyday. Borrowing the words of Paul Tripp, I would like to make those 10,000 little decisions everyday in life based on living for Jesus

3. Enjoy God's creation.

God made the world and it is good. I am determined to work hard, play hard and rest as God intended us to. As a family we are also determined to enjoy the natural beauty that Sydney has to offer and do our bit to protect this amazing creation.

4. Learn Japanese

Ok so relearn could be more a accurate description

5. Lose the last 2.5 kg that I need to lose

Couldn't resist throwing the last one in...


  1. Hey B, great to see you back on the blog. Those are some admirable resolutions! I have decided to join you on blogger this year - my page is called Delilah's Diary. Ha ha ha! Now we just need to get the gossqueen on!

  2. Day 12 and still reading! The last 2 resolutions, however, are sadly flagging!

  3. What are you reading at the moment? I'm having a go at Jeremiah and the Sermon on the Mount - they are actually quite complementary! For number 4, you need to incorporate a visit to a remote, completely non-English speaking Japanese village on your vacation, as incentive. For number 5, my advice would be to eat less.

  4. Ha you need to stop feeding me!

    I'm going through the "Bible in one year" plan on