Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Albanys Go Camping

A photographic essay of our beachside camping trip (yes you read correctly!) to Munmorah State Conservation Area.

Loading up a 7 seater with 6 people, camping gear and 4 bikes. Quite a feat!

Packed to the b rim

The first gleam of our camp site at Freeman's Campground

And the ten man tent is up!

Enroute to check out Frazer Beach

Frazer Beach

Let's go find pippies

Eski on th ready

Err...pump busted!

Yup...definitely not working!

Let's keep on driving instead!

Our next stop to check out

Our first camp meal!

Time to do some laundry


I shall stay right!

The way to the beach

Gorgeous Birdie Beach

Looking for treasures

Heading to the lake for a change where the water is nice and calm

And where there is shade!

Daddy hot chocolate


So many hidden treasures in the area!

Another well equipped picnic area next to prime waterfront

Let's give fishing a go!

The 2 youngest children fishing together

Soup and bread...

How to kill a fish...not!

Still more areas to explore

Australia definitely has the best beaches!


Caves Beach

Secret passageway

Where does it lead to?

Imposing cliffs

Look! A beach!

Last stop before time to head home


  1. Fantastic! We only had to wait a year to see these. Where to next?

    1. You're reading my retrospectively blog posts!?! I had meant to post them and the photos were uploaded but never did get around to writing until the other day. Laziness got the better of me hence the photographic essay...

      Next trip Japan in 12 days!

  2. It comes up on my dashboard as a new post and I get all excited, then realise it was written in Jan 2015.