Friday, 2 January 2015

Room With A Pew

We received an email about St Davids Presbyterian Church selling their pews. On a whim we bought two hoping that it might provide an abundance of outdoor seating for us. Then came the dilemna of how to actually transport them!

Malcolm found a company that would provide us with a rental van large enough to fit the pews...just. We had 6 hours and 75kms to play with. The pews turned out to be relatively easy to move and they were soon placed in their new home. We thought we would attempt to move the Balinese daybed that we bought years ago. It had been living quietly in my parents garage awaiting its moment. Today was the day!

With my mother happily shouting out instructions to the troops consisting of 6 adults, 2 children and a team of dollies, we managed to move the damn heavy daybed from one house to the neighbouring house. Mission accomplished!

Removalist team of 2 in red

It just squeezed it with centimetres to spare!

The two church pews in place looking like it was designed to be there...

The Balinese day bed in daylight!

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