Monday, 28 December 2015


Our destination today was Hakodate on the island of Hokkaido. Hakodate is located on Hokkaido's southern tip and is the 3rd largest city on the island. It was a great place to stop after a long train journey, to meet up with my parents and to start off our Hokkaido adventure! Visiting Hokkaido has long been on my parents' their travelling radar so here we are, helping them tick another destination off their bucket list! 

Our train journey began with a 3 hour shinkansen ride from Tokyo station to Shin-Aomori. At Shin-Aomori we changed for a Super-Hakucho. The train took us from Honshu Island through the Seikan Tunnel to emerge on Hokkaido Island. As we made our way north, white became more and more predominant in the landscape. We finally arrived at Hakodate Station shortly after 3pm. The snow on the platform was enough to send the children into a frenzy which was heightened with the increased amount of snow and ice outside the Station...We chose Loisir Hotel for its proximity to the train station and we sure were glad that we made that choice. We wouldn't want to have walked any further. Suitcases in the snow was not easy!

We each had one bottle for the train trip. Mine was Disney tsum tsum milk tea!

Our assortment of rice balls for lunch

Honshu Island

The schema of the Tunnel crossing the straight separating the Islands

On the Hokkaido side with a view of Mount Hakodate in the distance

Hakodate Station

So happy to see snow!

The view from one of our rooms. The big building is JR Hakodate Station

View from the other room with Mount Hakodate in the distance

The reported foods to try at Hakodate include the Chinese Burget at Lucky Pierrot Burger, squid and shio ramen. As dinner needed to be a quick affair, and there was an outlet close to our Hotel, burgers it was and it didn't disappoint. We bought 2 takeaways for Opa and Oma who ate while we deposited their bags in the room. There was no time to waste. Mount Hakodate was waiting for us. Mount Hakodate has the honour of being one of the Three Great Night Views in Japan. There was a bus that took us right to the base of Mount Hakodate Ropeway. It was dubious if we would see anything as it was snowing quite heavily by this stage. However this was the only evening that we were here so up the mountain we went! The view was barely visible but we could see something! Good on my parents for making the trek despite a long plane trip from Sydney, long layover in Taiwan and a 3 hour train trip from Sapporo standing up!


They went too quickly. No other photos were taken

Let's go up a mountain!

See that view behind us?!

We could just make out the lights of the city below

Visibility was poor because of this...

This was what it was meant to look like!

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