Sunday, 27 December 2015

Our Last Day in Tokyo

Cocoon Tower. One of the many glitzy buildings in Shinjuku
We had allocated half a day for Yokohama and the second half to finish off what we didn't manage to see. However, everyone was exhausted and we didn't leave our apartment until nearly 12pm. If you knew us, you would understand how significant this was!

We dropped any notion of even venturing near Yokohama and hopped on the train to Shinjuku instead. We read that Shinjuku was the biggest and busiest station in Japan. So it would not surprise you that we got lost in it. The restaurant that was recommended by a family friend was unfortunately closed today and so opted for our comfort pork katsu meals that never fail to satisfy. We then set out for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. The 45th level afforded us an eagle's eye view of Tokyo. Up here, you could truly appreciate just how big the city was. True to luck, the top of Mount Fuji was obscured by clouds! It was sunny and blue skies in all other directions!

The view towards Mount Fuji. Fuji fail!!!

We were a little overwhelmed at the number of shoppers shopping (especially for western style confectionery?!?) and called it quits. I can't believe I just typed that either but it was stifling in the shops and I was tired. 

Tokyo Pizzaman

Match flavour of the day. Matcha pizza

The rest of the day was completely unglamourous. Nanna nap it was for me. Don't ask me what the rest of the family did...

Thank you Tokyo for a wonderful 9 days. You certainly didn't disappoint! Whilst we were a little sad to move on, we were also excited to explore snowy Hokkaido's offerings. Bring on the cold! I hope I do not regret uttering those words...

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  1. Thanks for your wonderful insight into Tokyo! Better than a travel guide-book!!!