Saturday, 26 December 2015

Tokyo South Happy Birthday Elliot!

Palette Town's Ferris Wheel
We had visited Odaiba, Tokyo's amusement zone earlier in our stay. We returned today for Elliot's birthday and to finish the other attractions that we wanted to see.

Everyone did miss a good western breakfast and food from home came no closer than Bills! His famous ricotta pancakes were on the menu but didn't quite have the same oomph as it did back home. We did appreciate eggs and granola that were not Japanese.

When you go to Japan you eat Australian!

Poached eggs with avocado. Yumm!

Birthday present to hint of what was to come

Our breakfast was closely followed by an 11 am Star Wars session. This was highly anticipated by all and didn't disappoint and the Japanese subtitles was a small sacrifice! We thought movies in Australia were expensive but it cost slightly more here and only they took cash! 

Let's watch the movie before we read any spoilers!

As close to dressing up as we could get

Popcorn is ready!

Our complex for today was Palette Town. The Toyota Mega Web was a little disappointing...The children had fun at Leisureland (a building full of simulators, video and arcade games) however the adults were overstimulated by the lights and sounds. We had to calm the nerves with a shopping venture at Venus Fort Shopping Mall. Unfortunately we had no time to get to Diver City to see Gundam Front. We had a 5:30pm reservation at Ninja Asakusa.

Elysa won a toy from the skill tester!

I think I may have accidentally captured Mount Fuji!

We last went to a Ninja restaurant in New York 5 years ago. Unfortunately, 4 out of 5 Kohs were knocked out by viral gastro with only Elyssa making it to the restaurant and she didn't remember any of it. We were happy to report that all made it to attempt number 2! We were led through trapdoors and the village to our private dining "house". Whilst the food and tricks were not as flashy and showy as in New York. The food was better. It was unfortunate that our Christmas dinner was so outstanding. The food was decent but it was hard not to compare it to the dinner on the previous evening. A ninja came to perform magic tricks that relied on the old fashioned sleight of hand and he was good! All in all, a great way to celebrate a 13th birthday. Happy Birthday Elliot!

Channel your inner Ninja

Fake beer?!

Shuriken foie gras

Served with black shuriken crackers

The staff came and sang Happy Birthday to Elliot

Frog cheesecake

Happy Birthday Elliot!

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