Thursday, 7 January 2016

Club Med Sahoro Update

Breakfast this morning was a lot calmer compared to dinner last night. Malcolm was relieved to finally get a good western selection for breakfast.

We got the children ready for ski school but once again it appeared rather chaotic. Unlike in France where we dropped the children off in their thermals and the staff took over everything from there, we had to get the children ready and help them put everything on including their ski boots. Although each child did get a locker, I wasn't sure if there was an effective system. I didn't actually mind doing it as it was still infinitely better than having to drag children's ski boots and skis everywhere for them, but I didn't understand why different club med resorts couldn't learn from one another and adopt the best system as a standard. The children seemed to enjoy their lessons and it was happy children that we picked up around 4pm.

The adults also enjoyed their skiing. We were fortunate to get Sarah as our instructor, a lovely and gentle lady from England. The powder was just lovely to ski on and the slopes not too scary. The mountain wasn't too busy and there was never a wait for the chairlifts and the mountain is only shared by one other resort.

Dinner at Minamina was a more civilised affair compared to dining at the main dining hall. Minamina is a shabu shabu restaurant (Japanese steamboat). If you opt for a regular menu, dining there is included as part of your stay. You only have to pay extra for special menu items such as shellfish and beef.

We ventured to the pool after dinner and let the children have a swim. The pool was a reasonable size. There was a Canadian Spa which was essentially a hot tub in the snow as well as an indoor Jacuzzi. There was also an ofuro which I didn't try.

The ski locker area

Dining room

Guess what nationality guests are frequent visitors...

What one skis out on to

The slopes of Sahoro

Last day of skiing

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  1. I must say it surprises me that the French are able to do a better job than the Japanese given the Japanese are usually such stickler for rules and systems and the French are so blasé about things. I do hope you enjoy your stay and trip though!