Thursday, 14 January 2016

Tokyo Disneyland

Here are the highlights of our 2 days at Tokyo Disneyland. A great way to end a fabulous 6 weeks in Japan!
Tokyo Disneyland! The last time I visited was in my teens!!!
Characters are just after the entrance to try and "entice" visitors to take a photo so there is not a big rush to the main attractions. We succumbed...

The last Castle ticked off the list! Then Shanghai opened. Darn you Shanghai Disneyland...

Time for lunch!

My beloved Shelley May bag!

The number of aliens and green hatted people have multiplied

Did you know you can canoe around the Rivers of America? There was no wait...wonder why

Poor Pocahontas. All the Japanese ignored her and went for the racoon.

Snacks snacks snacks!

Pizza spring rolls

Frozen Fantasy churros...

Frozen parade

The spectcular Once Upon A Time Castle show
Sadly all good things had to come to and end :( There was a little boy who desperately did NOT want to go home. We left home with only 2 full suitcases and left Japan with 5....we bought a lot

Goodbye Japan! Let's go Olaf. We'll take you back to summer!

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