Tuesday, 5 January 2016


The Tower at Tomamu

Our aim for today was to get as much snow play in as possible before we hit the ski slopes tomorrow. We perused through Tomamu's extensive offering and decided on snow mobiles. Our other choices of curling and dog sledding were taken out of the picture for us which made the decision that much easier!

Breakfast was to be at one of the buffets. However, we got lost and couldn't find it! It may not have been a bad thing for the other buffet restaurant had a wait time of 30 minutes at 730am. We broke our fast with a combination of chicken waffles and chocolate waffles...With relief, I was still able to fit into my ski pants after 4 weeks of pigging out

Apple waffles for breakfast

Activities were booked at GAO centre which was a short 5-10 minute walk from The Tower via the undercover walkway or you were able to take a shuttle bus. It was fortunate that we had exactly six adults as children were able to ride at the back for free! There was some jostling to vie for the speediest adult. Opa turned out to be predictably slow and Opa a hoon. However, our "lead foot" Koh surprised all by being super cautious. So much so that in the end she had her own private guide! We chose a 6km course which was about just right for us. It took us about half the course to get used to the snow mobile and we could really enjoy the surrounding scenery in the second half.

Getting ready to snow mobile

Our half way point stop

Enjoying the untouched powder snow

The children could not seem to get enough of the snow and the rest of the day was spent on the slopes either on toboggans, snow bikes, having snow fights or building snow "things" - snowman, fort, un-identifiable objects...The adults only lasted 30 minutes outside before we retreated indoors. The children moved to a different location so we were able to "supervise" behind the great big glass windows in the comfort of the lounge.

Getting ready to race. A bit of an anti climax as the slope wasn't quite steep enough for long enough! Had to find a different incline...

Err...I'm not sure if those were provided with adults in mind

Soup curry. Choose your curry type

Then choose your spice level. ..

Unfortunately our second attempt at the outdoor hot baths did not turn out to be too successful. Elysa fell and hit her head and Andrew only made it into the shower section and not into the actual hot baths...Who have had guessed that out of all he would have been the most self-conscious!

Until tomorrow then, when we report in from Club Med Sahoro for our four days of skiing!

Kitakaro green tea baumkuchen. Our supper for today

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