Friday, 10 December 2010

Dec 9 Revisited

Traffic to Sydney Airport was absolutely horrendous! We checked in at about 2 hours before our flight. Somehow, time disappeared on us and we ended up being one of the last ones to board the plane. According to Malcolm, our names were very nearly called out...

At Sydney airport, waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive

Just before entering the gates. No turning back now!
Jonah looking at the Delta plane taking us to the USA
We started our "day" again in America at 6am in LAX. Other than Malcolm having coffee spilt on his pants by the flight attendant, we made it through our 14 hour flight relatively unscathed. Hallelujah! Passport control, baggage claim, customs, bag drop and security check were surprisingly quick and painless. We were through everything and transfered into the Delta Terminal within the hour. Even after a long visit to McDonald's, we still had over 2 and a half hours to kill. Jonah thankfully had his afternoon nap on the flight to Orlando and the other children stayed awake.

Still happy and chirpy before the flight!

The giant McDonald's iced coffee purchased to keep us awake. It was nearly twice the sice of Elyssa's head! We should have known better to only keep to small...

Awaiting our flight to Orlando at LAX

The flight to Orlando so far has been very pleasant. The flight attendants are so much friendlier than their international counterparts and the free wifi onboard is just awesome. Can't wait to get to get to Port Orleans Riverside!

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