Sunday, 5 December 2010

Happy In The Hunter

I am sitting here with Minhaj in our huge 2 bedroom apartment, surfing the internet and chatting about family.

The day started off in the typical chaotic manner with breakfast, haircuts, Church, lunch, shopping, packing and continual attempts to restore the house into some sort of order. Malcolm was luckily only called in twice. His parents also came to save the day taking the children out in the afternoon for some last minute pampering before we leave.

I was glad when Minhaj came to pick me up for our trip up north. We were dropped off at work where the bus was waiting to take us to the Hunter Valley. It was surprising huge and luxurious with reclining soft leather seats and flat-screen TVs. Before long, the snacks were handed out and a movie started to ease our journey. I had not seen any movies for a while and so was glad of the opportunity to watch ANY that was on offer. Killers with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl was rather entertaining and we reached the Crowne Plaza for check-in in no time.

I was delighted to the welcoming sight of a King bed with an ensuite and TV. This is on top of the generous living space complete with a kitchen. Dinner was a relaxing affair at the hotel restaurant. really should go to work meetings more often!

We have a 930 start tomorrow morning so I will be able to sleep in before enjoying my most favourite part of any hotel stay...the buffet breakfast!

Oh. And the rest of our WDW itinerary has been emailed out. Yippee!

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