Friday, 31 December 2010

Dec 17 - A Day of Rest

Today was our dedicated rest day. We got to sleep in...until 815am! It was also the first day that the temperature went over 20 degrees! When the children woke up, we filled ourselves up with bagels for breakfast trying to use up our remaining 26 snack credits, and dressed ourselves in shorts and T-shirts (because we can!) before our shopping expedition at the Disney Store at Downtown Disney. We had another 20% discount coupon that we wanted to use and it had to be used between 9-12am. We decided that we'd get what really appealed to us now and then buy more if they are a great bargain at the outlet malls when we come back to Florida. It was chaos at the shops, but that was not to deter us tenacious shoppers. We walked out with a suitcase, earrings, cuff links for the cruise, a pin each, a wine bottle topper, Christmas ornaments, a cap, a mickey-head pancake maker, an ice cube maker, a Goofy baseball, a mug, an antenna topper, sunglasses for the children, and croc ornaments.

We strolled across to T-Rex for lunch. We were pleasantly surprised at what we got. Perhaps it was because I wasn't expecting much but the ribs were tasty and melt in your mouth and the shrimp skewers on rice was fantastic. The children were thrilled to get their "Discovery Blast" in a great bone shaped cups that they got to keep. There were dinosaurs everywhere in various themed areas with the occasional meteorite shower. All in all, a whole heap of fun!

If you were wondering why there were no photos in the daytime, it was because I forgot to bring my dSLR and the point and shoot had no battery or memory card...

Boarding area at POR

A view of our dinner venue on the way in

The photos that were not taken earlier in the day...

We made a quick detour in the Christmas shop. Once again it was packed and crazy. It was all getting too tiring so we caught the bus back for a nap, a swim and to do some laundry. We returned to Down Town Disney, this time by boat, for dinner at Fulton's Crab House. It was a pleasant and relaxing journey. Much smoother than the buses! The Seafood scioppino at Fulton's was out of this world. Malcolm ordered Crab claws which were a specialty of the house. They weren't too bad but was nowhere near as tasty as Dessert at Ghiradelli's! The children had a blast at the disco dance party during dessert.

The madness starts again tomorrow as we try to finish off what we haven't covered.

Seafood scioppino
The children dancing away! Note the difference between the attentive styles of the girls versus the wild movements of the boys...

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