Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Not So Happy After The Hunter

The past 48 hours have been crazy! In short, major changes had to be made to our house plans by today and our to-do list for our trip appear to have increased exponentially. Co-ordinating all this remotely from the Hunter Valley was not easy, and emailing/going over plans discreetly during a work meeting was stressful! On my return at 6pm, we reviewed the latest version from the architect but it still wasn't quite right so Malcolm went ahead to Lara's recital whilst I visited the architect. He joined us after the recital and it was a productive meeting with good results by 930pm. I got home at 10, scoffed down some dinner and went to sleep.

I just have to get through today's work day and then I can start all the final preparations for our trip. Malcolm, the lucky duck, reminded me last night that his holiday had started. He has today off. Well, can't believe we'll be flying out in just over 24 hours!


  1. Hey B&M, have a fantastic trip! Will expect an even greater proliferation of blog posts over the coming weeks. Make sure you take plenty of pics of the little Yeoh tyke as well! Look forward to seeing you in Jan and reviewing all your purchases.