Thursday, 3 February 2011

Dec 25 - Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

We all woke up early for the children to open their presents. Malcolm had bought a surprise present for me even though the deal was not to buy each other anything. I found myself the proud owner of 2 tops that I had been eying at the Stylish TrenD in Downtown Disney. The dear man had also somehow managed to get a 20% discount even though the coupon was technically only for the World of Disney store. Hurray for the awesome husband!

Walking past a much quieter Macy's on the way to the Empire State Building

We seem to be attracted to visiting skyscrapers in sub-zero temperatures. We were at the Empire State Building at 8am sharp to enjoy some quiet family time. We were able to go straight up and enjoy the spectacular views. It was a lovely way to spend Christmas morning. We had morning tea back in our hotel and it was bliss to be able to sit down and DO NOTHING! Well, almost nothing. I attended to a much neglected blog whilst watching the children enjoy their new toys.

Our special Christmas view

A near empty avenue
Atop the Empire State Building
Christmas brunch with the whole group was at Balthazar, a sister restaurant to Pastis. This was the first year that Balthazar had opened for Christmas so we felt very privileged. It had the same lovely old world feel with delicious food and great ambience. It appeared as if everyone was intent on breaking the "no presents" agreement! Luan spoiled everyone with gifts. The children, of course, were delighted. The Kohs, unfortunately, were unwell, and had to head back to the hotel early. They would later miss out on dinner as well.

The beautifully detailed decor
Christmas presents! Thanks Aunty Luan
Elyssa's spinning Minnie
Give you one guess as to who bought this for Elliot?
Chicken riesling with mushrooms pearl onions and spaetzle
Our poor energiser bunny completely flat from diarrhoea
Chocolate profiteroles

Meringue with seasonal berries
A very full and happy family
What a cool interceptor!
The afternoon was another much treasured time of naps and relaxation and flew by. Christmas dinner was an experience like no other. We had Japanese food at Ninja. As soon as you enter and go down into that lift, you are transported to a Japan of old. Each room is cleverly set for privacy. The wait staff are awesome as they take on the role of a ninja throughout the entire evening. The food was delicious! The portions were huge and the presentation elegant. Our 3 hours involved swords, bombs, fireballs, stickers, a magic show and a whole lot of fun.

Our Christmas in New York was definitely one to remember!

The only surviving Koh to make it to dinner, escorted by the men in black AKA the Marr Boys

Being escorted to our table
A smaller room
Trying to decide what to eat from our scroll menu
Ninja Star Martini
Our fabulous waiter!
Going ninja!

Wondering how one was suppose to finish a steak of that size when it was the fifth course...
Our waiter accomplished his task of putting a sticker on Mitch's head without him noticing
Preparing our dessert. Note the sticker was still on!
Some magic for entertainment
Time for dessert

This is a cheesecake! A yummy one as well.
In character all the way to the end. He came out to give us Jonah's shoe.
The ninja mood continued on the subway ride home

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  1. Great review for NYC. I'm taking notes because I'm loving all the places you are visiting. Thanks for taking the time to post.