Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Jan 3 - Down At The Boardwalk

What a great day! We started with breakfast at the Boardwalk Bakery. As I walked up to pay for our meal, I reminisced about all those wonderful free dining credits that I no longer had...We strolled over to the Yacht Club as the older children were booked in for the Albatross Treasure Hunt. We checked them in and watched them don their pirate life jackets. They happily scampered off to their special pirate boat to start their treasure hunt. We later found out that the children got to go into Epcot! Despite the best efforts of Captain Stinky Pants, they survived and had a great time, returning with bags stuffed with weapons and plunder. There were only 6 children on the hunt that day which made it extra special. Unfortunately, only 4 of the 6 children were ours so Jonah and Elyssa had to be taken on their own adventure.
Malcolm looked after Jonah and went on a long walk around the Boardwalk area until he reached the minigolf course he had been secretly eyeing since our arrival. Ethel, Jason, Elyssa and I went shopping at the International Drive Outlet Mall. The hours FLEW past. I was speed walking the whole time and only had a quick break for lunch but didn't come close to visiting all the shops that I wanted to go to. This was probably a good thing as our suitcases were close to full already.
After lunch we headed back to relieve Malcolm of his child minding duties. He had maintained order by promising the kids a swim in the pool when their mummies got back. This was a risky strategy, but we were all in a good mood from shopping so out came the cossies without too much reluctance.
Malcolm was in love with the pool area and I could see why. It was well set up and the slide was fantastic fun! They had supervised activities for the older children such as pool games, karaoke and dancing, and a shallow pool and playground for the littlies.
A grey and cloudy day

didn't dampen the children's excitement
The sun finally pushed through!

Jonah enjoying the afternoon with his Dad
checking out the Putt Putt Golf course!

Children tagged and almost ready to go

"Arghh...I'm a pirate too"

Pirate life vest on. Now we're ready

Getting onboard their pirate ship

Listening intently to instructions
The children with their treasure chest
Andrew with his loot

When the afternoon cooled into evening we freshened up, got dressed and headed to the Big River Brewery and Grill for dinner. As night set in all the carnival style lights began to appear along the Boardwalk which was now lined with jugglers, magicians and food stalls that we avoided despite the sweet, sticky smells that emanated from them. Besides, we had to save ourselves for the marshmallows that we were soon to roast over the beachside campfire.
The movie by the beach under the stars was Aristocrats. The children took up poll position although there was hardly anyone else to contest the front row. We went home via the shops, surprised to find merchandise that was different from the others that we’ve been to. Of course, this meant further transactions were necessary.
We simply loved our leisurely day of pottering around the very pretty Boardwalk area and soglad that we decided to splurge a little and sample a deluxe resort.
Boardwalk by night
Marshmallows by a campfire
"I wanna do it!"
Front row seats! The children were one of the few who watched the movie under the stars

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