Friday, 18 February 2011

Jan 8 - Palo, formal night

Today we have another day at sea! Yippee! And it was beautifully calm, a big contrast to the seas 24 hours previously. Poor Sam was coughing all night and thus vomiting as well. However, he seemed ok in the daytime so we pressed on!

Oh what a beautiful morning! The nearly flat seas...

Lara was super excited as there was a princess gathering in the morning. She raced through breakfast to get into her Snow White outfit. The gathering was a great and time efficient way for the guests to interact with the Disney princesses. Like the Character spot in Epcot, you only have to line up once and then work your way through the parade of princesses. We had Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, and Tiana.

The lovely Snow White who took the time to chat with the girls for nearly 2 minutes. This might not seem like a lot but if you were the ones after us who were waiting...

Our next task for the morning turned out to be a disaster. And that would just happen to be putting Jonah and Sam into Flounders for our all important brunch at Palo. They went in screaming and kicking. Sam would calm down but Jonah would set him off again so I had to extract the child. Sigh...Sharon joined the rest of the adults at Palo while I tortured other cruisers with my screaming child. Jonah "I don't wanna go in there" Albany somehow managed to fall asleep in the middle of crying?!?!?! I deposited him back at Flounder’s and caught the others just before they were given the grand tour of Palo. In the meantime, Sam had also fallen asleep. Hurray! Sharon and I could pig out in peace...

Palo was a wonderful experience. We were lucky and were seated in the private room. Cornelia, our server was outstanding. She was friendly and obliging without being in your face and was super efficient. My favourites from this seating would have to be the ceviche, scallops, eggs benedict and the tiramisu. The made-to-order pizzas that we shared were pretty good also! They were nice and thin with fresh tasty ingredients. It was hard to fit everything in after a free for all at the various buffets. We had our choice of freshly baked breads, danish and pastries, seafood, cheese and antipasto. My attempt to moderate my intake failed dismally as I barely had room for dessert. One can’t NOT have dessert in it went!

The ever efficient Cornelia, giving us the grand tour of the buffet tables and the extra freshly made to order dishes that are available

Hmmm...some nibblies anyone?

A selection of the divine pizzas that are available to order

We literally rolled out and only because we had to pick up the babies! We relocated pool side to feed them. Mal took Jonah swimming and I was able to have a nice snooze to cure my post prandial encelapathy. I woke up just in time to get ready for formal night. Mal informed me with great disappointment that he had missed out on the raffle at the art auction by 1 number again!!! The same thing happened on our Mediterranean cruise. He was determined to get to another one to try out the “third time lucky” rule...

Not interested

Where is it?!?!?

That's better!

We managed to organise ourselves in time to take some family photos before having dinner at Animator’s Palate. The servers were much fast after Mal’s request. We were able to watch Bronkar Lee’s family show before the Golden Mickey’s. In true Disney style, the Golden Mickeys was another all out production. Once again, the set changes, costumes and music were phenomenal.

Unfortunately, the day did not end too well. Sharon started to feel unwell and vomited. We hoped that this bug would not spread...

Luan, our glamourous "nanny", who kindly curled Lara's hair for her

Formal night!

Captain Henry

Future prom King and Queen?

The ladies

The boys

Dinner time!

Very special cuff links...

The unique Animator's Palate

The Golden Mickeys

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