Sunday, 6 February 2011

Dec 31 - Smithsonian Mark 2

We decided to give the buffet a rest today and had coffee and pastries instead.
We arrived at the Smithsonian castle to get directions to...Macy's! We saw an advertisement in the local paper for 50-80% off store wide. We walked over the to the Museum of American History excited about the prospect of our afternoon activity. The museum was a fantastic museum. Like the other Smithsonian museums, it was well set out and the displays were fascinating. I never thought I would have been so engrossed in American war history. There were many other interesting exhibits, some of my favourites include Dorothy's ruby slippers, 4 Stradivarius violins and a "pop up" book of the human heart by Descartes from the 1600s. I also LOVED looking at all the inauguration gowns of the various First Ladies.
We caught a taxi to Macy's only to be bitterly disappointed. The ad was rather misleading. It was not a store wide sale. The clearance items were 50-80% off. Of course, the ones that we were interested in were not on sale. We left and decided to walk through the town instead on the way to the National Art Gallery. This was yet another building with magnificent galleries and displays. We were able to show the children famous works of art by Monet, Matisse and Cezanne to name a few. Hopefully the attempt to instill some culture into them will work...
We continued to walk, this time back to the Holiday Inn to meet up with the Kohs for dinner. I was very excited when our home delivery Chinese dinner arrived. It came in little paper cartons just like on television and in the movies! Yes, I am easily amused. We scoffed down our food and settled the children into bed. We had important business to attend to...the christening of our new board game, Bunny Bunny Moose Moose. Over the next couple of hours, we pretended to be bunnies and moose attempting to run away from the hunter. What better way to usher in the new year!
The Smithsonian Castle

Museum of American History
Elliot wandering around by himself reading about all the exhibits!
A surprisingly interesting exhibit
Amazing pop up heart by Descartes 1662
National Treasures of Popular Culture...Turtle power!!!
Jonah actually asked for his photo to be taken, how could I resist?
Fonzie's jacket

Dorothy's ruby slippers as worn by Judy Garland 1938
One of only 11 surviving ornamented violins by Stradivari
Look Dad!!!

I just loved the display of lunch boxes in the cafeteria!

Talk to the hand...I'm eating

The American Presidency...a glorious burden
The next POTUS?!?!
Another fascinating exhibit
Elliot really getting into it!
George Washington's camp chest
More majestic buildings to look at on the way to the National Gallery
Time for some art lessons

Happy New Year!

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