Saturday, 15 October 2011

That's All Folks

The last Disney activity for the day was a character breakfast at Storyteller's Cafe. Our superchicken, although having been primed for this event for months, still ended up being terrified of the characters. The food was quite nice, but our waitress was shocking. I had never seen Malcolm take such a dislike to someone so quickly. We let the matter go as we still had to pack and check out. To our surprise, we managed to fit all 7 passengers, 7 suitcases, 6 carry-ons, and a stroller into our Toyota Sienna. We've decided that that is the car we shall get when we need to buy a new car. We draped all our still damp washing all over every available surface area that we could find and headed to Downtown Disney for one last look. We lunched, shopped and then headed towards LAX before getting stuck in the Friday evening peak hour traffic. The car drop-off process was efficient and pleasant, as was check-in at the airport.

Breakfast venue

Big and expansive just like the rest of the Grand Californian

Disney Details right down to the lights

No Jonah

Still no Jonah

Content NOT to have photos taken

We've lost hope by now

And so here I am, sitting at LAX, waiting for our Virgin Australia flight to take us home to Sydney. The past 22 days have been simply awesome. We are so grateful that we have been given this opportunity to see such a beautiful part of the USA as an extended family. We thank the Lord for keeping us safe thus far, and I look forward to sharing the plans for our next journey.


  1. Thanks B, it was great reading!

  2. hey
    just discovered your TR link on your signature on disboards..

    awesome...thanks for the effort...makes me now want to try out DL......