Saturday, 14 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Ok so it is 14 days late. Better than than never right!?!?!

The year started off with a bang. We had the most wonderful experience of having to delouse the children...AGAIN! Many exciting things have happened since then. So much to blog about so little time!

We will kick off this year with a short post on a wonderful place to go with young children. We woke up nice and early to have breakfast with friends at The Flying Fox cafe within the Winnererremy Bay Parkland. It was a shame that we forgot to check the weather forecast the previous night as the day turned out to be grey and gloomy. Nevertheless the cafe was well placed right next to a great,, well-maintained and fully enclosed playground which had shade tents. We had a difficulties stopping the children from going into the playground which was wet from overnight showers. The park also had wonderful facilities including barbeques, picnic shelters, bike paths, an expansive grassy area and a beach. From there it was a pleasant walk through the saltwater marshes of Rowland reserve to Bayview Park in an attempt to burn off some of the breakfast calories.

Unfortunately, due to this month's photography challenge topic of "blur". I do not have many photos which are in focus. So enjoy these few which are...

Eggs Benedict...mmm

The Flying Fox Cafe

Part of Parkland

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