Friday, 19 June 2015


View of Vancouver from Stanley Park
After a seemingly long wait, we were finally off for our next overseas trip! We left a cold and gloomy Sydney's morning for Vancouver, Canada, for a 24 day trip covering Alaska and the Canadian Rockies. Thankfully the 14 hour Air Canada flight was uneventful and we arrived safely at 735am to re-live June 19...After a short wait, we met up with Mal's parents and headed into downtown Vancouver.

A cold and rainy day in Sydney

There's our plane!

Waiting patiently for Nana and Grandpa

Distraction from Tim Horton's

The cab ride to the Delta Vancouver Suites, our base for the next 3 nights took a mere 20 minutes and cost us $35 plus gratuity. We dumped our bags and got on with the very important task of staying awake for as long as we can for the rest of the day!

Stanley Park was our chosen venue to spend the afternoon. The vast space, fresh air and beautiful scenery suited the purposes of 7 jetlagged individuals. Although to be technically correct, only 4 individuals appeared jetlagged. The children were full of energy! There was plenty to do and we didn't get to do most but enjoyed the jazz band at a private function which we accidentally crashed...oops. The next destination was meant to be English Bay but we were tempted by the bus heading back towards the hotel enroute and hopped on...A short walk around Gastown and we were done for the day! We headed back to the hotel, hung out until 5pm and made use of the free hors d'oeurves at the hotel club lounge for a quick tummy filler. Bath and bed never felt so good...the fact that my pedometer today clocked 16,000 after a 14 hour flight was pretty awesome too...

Finally out of the airport!

Totem poles

Making use of the running space!

Yes you see corretly...a cricket pitch!

Following Malcolm...into a wedding...

...and then through trees....

to find more open space and mountain views!

One the things we didn't get to do

The biggest seagull was the size of a chicken!

One of the yummiest fish and chips ever (yes chips not fries! Even we were surprised at the term used)

Exploring Gastown

Free dumplings and edamame for dinner. It'll do.


  1. Good to see the camera out for some action. I like the vibes in "exploring gastown". But I'm thinking that's a herring gull...

  2. Glad to see the blog resurrected!

  3. Haha thanks! It had been so long, I had forgotten how to use my camera. Many of the photos were out of focus. We watched the giant gull for a while in disbelief. Was so staring so intently did not really look at the other gulls...