Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Home Sweet Home

The last day at Calgary was uneventful. We slept in, packed, visited the city centre and prepared for our long journey home. Both flights from Calgary to Vancouver and then Vancouver to Sydney were absolutely full. We farewelled Malcolm's parents, who were flying on to Shang Hai, at Vancouver. We skipped all of Sunday and arrived to a very cold and wet Sydney. The only downside to having concrete flooring and underfloor heating is that heating up a chunk of concrete which has been left untouched for over 3 weeks takes a bloody long time!

We are so blessed and privileged as a family to be able to travel and tick off bucket list items together. To experience the rugged beauty of both Alaska and the Canadian Rockies as an extended family was special indeed. We look forward to our next trip in December with great anticipition! Japan is the destination and our travel companions will include family and friends as usual. The item on the bucket list to tick off...the children's and Malcolm's last Disney Castle to visit! (Before ShangHai Disneyland opens...)

For now, we will enjoy darkness...Strange as that may sound, we haven't seen "night time" for nearly 4 weeks! With the days so long, we went to sleep when it was bright, and the sun is usually already high up when we awoke.

Time to let go of the heat wave and embrace the cold wave!

PS. The rafting photos are up!

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