Thursday, 2 July 2015

Wells Gray Provincial Park

Malcolm and the children started off the day fishing at the lake within the resort. As this activity occurred at the crazy hour of 4:30am, I chose not to participate and thus there was no photo evidence. So let us move on to the highlight of the day...Moul Falls at Wells Gray Provincial Park.
We were lured by the promise of a unique waterfall as a reward for the 90 minute hike through rough terrain. This was not a day for the in-laws. In response to the multiple "bear safety" signs we began the trek dutifully clapping before realising that the children make much more noise in their natural state and that any sensible bear would now be miles away. We didn't see any bears. The constant threat, however, was enough motivation to ensure that Jonah ate all his lunch and didn't leave any scraps.

The, boring road-like first section of the hike soon narrowed into an undulating, single-file path that Elliot managed to turn into an obstacle course yet again. It eventually became more challenging to the point where even he began to show some caution.

The start of the trail at the carpark

Notice read. Let's go.

Only 2.9km...we can do it!

An enthusiastic start

Pretty wildflowers along the way

A lot warmer today compared to yesterday. A hot walk...
The low whoosh of the waterfall finally became a roar and we could see the powerful and pretty falls. With a resigned sigh recognising the challenge of the return journey, we worked our way down the winding steps and rocks to the bottom of the falls. Malcolm had been told that we could stand behind the falls, but now that we were here, he was not so sure that this was possible. A beaming, and unnervingly enthusiastic German assured us that the indentation in the rock face was, in fact, a path that would take us behind the waterfall. We noted his recently wrung out socks and shirt on a nearby rock! Jonah added this approach to his list of "Dumb ways to Die", but bravely joined his siblings who were already scrambling along like rock spiders. I was caught up in the hype, ditched the Nikon and entered the spray. The spray was scary, but exhilarating... it felt more like horizontal wind than rain. Within seconds we were soaked through before arriving in something akin to an inland sea cave. We were soon all wearing the same maniacal grin that we first discovered on our German advisor. We felt like we had just survived a real life Fisherman's Friend commercial.

Jonah was the exception. He was wet and far from impressed.  It wasn't long before he was happy again with wet clothes removed and a fistful of dehydrated caramel apple slices. He was proud of his effort, but lectured Malcolm on the return journey about the flaws in his risk benefit analysis.

The trek back was uphill, long, hot and involved a lot of squelching socks and sneakers. Despite this the kids (older two) didn't complain and said it was thoroughly worth it.

The remainder of the day was much more civilised... Nap, restaurant dinner (best off cruise food to date), sunset kayak, bed. zzzz.

Finally...our first glimpse of the water

Moul Falls

The children...just to get a sense of scale!

Great way to cool down. Absolutely drenched right down to underwear and socks!

Drying off the bodies

The beautiful view down the river

Make shift dryer

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