Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Sulphur Mountain and Kananaskis River

We dragged ourselves out of bed to get to the Banff Gondola at opening time. I was not entirely convinced it was worth the sacrifice of extra sleep but we did get a parking spot right in front and hopped on a gondola straight away. The gondola took us to the top of Sulphur Mountain which gave a bird's eye view of the National Park. Unfortunately, it was quite hazy as there have been several fires burning in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. We could imagine how much more spectacular the scenery would have been on a clear day. There were boardwalks leading to Sanson Peak, the highest point of Sulphur Mountain. We weren't sure if the children were tired from travelling or if it was the altitude but we needed multiple stops which was a change from a flurry of hyper-excitable children buzzing around us.

Another town, another mountain!

The gondolas going up Sulphur Mountain

More wildlife

Looking back down at the township of Banff. Tunnel Mountain in the middle of the shot and to the right of it. Banff golf course...tomorrow's activity!

A rest?!?! What?!?! Unheard of...

Its hazy everywhere but still amazing!

Yay! Reached the top! Not sure why the lady just stood there...

Plenty of these little fellas around.

Home made BBQ ribs. Delicious! Thank you Malcolm!

White water rafting was up next. We were outfitted with wetsuits, safety gear and an additional plastic top. The only person who declined the top regretted it as the water was a balmy 5 degrees! Our adventure down the Kananaskis River was a great experience. It was a balanced combination of gentle rapids (made more exciting with water battles) and challenging rapids (by our standards) that provided enjoyment for the die hards and chickens amongst us. The backdrop for our "float" down wasn't too shabby either! Unfortunately the photos that we purchased came in a DVD and none of us have a CD/DVD drive so no one will be viewing those shots until we return home to Sydney! Will update as soon as possible.

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