Friday, 10 July 2015

Calgary Stampede Day 2

We returned to the Stampede ground for more Calgary Stampede action. Blessed with a cooler day, we headed to the rides which were simply too hot to attempt yesterday. With three children, the tickets didn't last long!

The highlight for the day was no doubt the rodeo. We were fortunate enough to have the foresight (or perhaps dumb luck!) to have purchased seats under the shade in the grandstand. Even then, it was starting to heat up. I learnt a lot about rodeo and the various events today! Admittedly the starting point was virtually non-existent...the rodeo was fun, fast-paced and addictive to watch! I won't bore you with too many photos, but I've place some events which I thought were fascinating. There were also the more "standard" events which many are familiar with like bronc and bull riding.

We trudged back to the hotel absolutely exhausted. A little bit of sadness had also crept in, we had to face our flight back home tomorrow.

Let's go!

You can just see the top of Jonah's hair!

Crazy children trying out crazy rides


Colossal onion! Or at least half of it

Deep fried cheesecake

Opening act for the Rodeo

All the competing cowboys and cowgirls for the national anthem

Tie-down roping

Chase the animal, rope it, and tie its legs...all done in seconds!

Steer wrestling

Chase the steer, jump on it, and wrestle it to the ground....

The winner for today did it in 3.9 seconds!

Indian Village

Lara scored herself some new cowgirl boots


  1. Wow what a trip. We need to redo our 1999 version (at least the Canadian component) as there are so many new things along the way to see and do.

  2. Thanks Aussie Wendy for reading along. It is always different experiencing the same place with children. Gives us an excuse anyway to "redo" trips!