Sunday, 2 May 2010


The man himself...

The good weather finally came to an end. Today was the first cold, cloudy and rainy day. After a leisurely breakfast at Lumiere’s we headed to port. The little train of Ajaccio was easy to find and we settle for the 45 minute ride for 7 Euro per adult and 3 Euro per child. The train gave us the highlights of the city but wasn’t really set up for more detailed information.

The little train of Ajaccio

Plans to visit various attractions and the beach were abandoned because of the rain. Many cruisers obviously had the same thoughts as there was a steady stream of passengers reboarding the ship by 1030 in the morning. We took the opportunity of doing a load of washing while the ship was half full. A few days ago, Malcolm had already committed the cardinal onboard sin of being 3 minutes late to pick up our laundry much to the disgust of 2 middle aged American ladies. Having met so many lovely people, we were surprised at how nasty people were to each other over laundry. We wanted to be sure not to make the same mistake again.

Jonah has been practising “ciao” every day for the past 3 days and I can proudly announce that it is now officially part of his limited vocabulary of words which are understandable to the adult ear. As are the words “boat” and “eat”.

Speaking of eating, the dining room staff delivered on the promise of satay and nasi goreng Indonesian style complete with sambal. I didn’t realise how much I missed Asian food. The whole family gobbled down the food gratefully. As an indication of just how much I have stuffed myself throughout the whole cruise, I was NOT able to eat dessert. I NEVER pass on dessert. My shameless parents then requested deep fried banana with sticky rice Thai style from our Thai server. They seem to be having too much fun on the ship. They have decided to go on a Disney Port Adventure by themselves at Villefranche tomorrow.

Pirom, our server, with the all important sambal.

I have to make a special note of the wonderful service that we have received all throughout the cruise. Every single encounter we’ve had that has involved direct interaction with a Disney staff onboard has been faultless. The onboard staff would have to be DCL’s best asset. They were friendly yet efficient, competent and professional. Any problems encountered were fixed quickly and with a smile. DCL only has to fix some systemic problems (eg internet and plumbing!) as well as their pre-cruise operations to make their cruises a truly magical experience, and ones that would be hard to beat.

Oh and I finally made it to a trivia session today. Woohoo!!!

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