Monday, 3 May 2010


The beach at Nice

We awoke to the beautiful view of the Cote D’Azur from our balcony. Other than heading toward Nice, we had no firm plans for the day. Luckily we bumped into Team Skoi and Team Auntlynne from the DISboards who so happened to be heading to Nice as well. We decided to tag along as they seemed to know what they were doing!

The station was easy to find and the train ride to Nice only took 7 minutes. Our first stop was the Inglese Russe. I had never seen one before and this particular one built in 1865 was beautiful. We then headed down to the famous Promenade by the sea in search of lunch and toilets.

Our not so succesful attempt to take an artistic shot

Take 2...

On our way back to the station, we stumbled upon a double decker merry-go-round. Everyone bar Julie and I went on (designated photographers). It was one of the longest merry-go-round rides I’ve ever witnessed and definitely well worth the 10 Euros for all 7 tickets.

A short tram ride later, we were back at the train station and before long, on the tender back to the ship. It was such a simple and relaxing day but so much fun with new friends. It really was an enjoyable last port of call.

Jonah on the double decker merry-go-round

Trying to figure out how to buy tram tickets

Before I forget, we managed another achievement tonight...Jonah finally had a photo with a character! The honours go to Chip and Dale!


  1. Thanks again for a great blog! Question: Did you have a second semi-formal night? Was it in Villefranche for the Captain's Gala?

  2. No we didn't have a second semi-formal night. I was surprised because when I emailed DCL before we left, I was told 1 formal and 2 semi-formal. A little annoying as I brought all these extra clothes for nothing! But to be honest, not a big deal as it saves us having to dress up. The days really were long and tiring.

    Enjoy your cruise! You'll have a blast. Not long to go now, and can't wait to read about your experience!!!