Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Our last sea day

The moral of the day is not to leave the things you want to do until the last day as it may not happen! The seas were rough with big swells. Alas for Malcolm that means no watching of movies on the big screen from the hot tub. For me it means I have to go home without trying the cheeseburger from Pluto’s Doghouse. The open decks were all closed for safety reasons and many activities cancelled including the art auction (and thus the raffle). No free Disney art for us...We did manage to get to the Princess Gathering this time much to Lara's delight. We got photos with Tiana, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle and Aurora. The character photo opportunities on the cruise has been phenomenal.

The good news was that the whole family survived without vomiting. And the seas were one of the roughest that I've ever been in. The children did not seem to be affected at all. They went about their busy ways at the kids club as per usual. With early flights tomorrow, we’ve got breakfast scheduled at 530am and need to be ready to debark at 6am. So DCL had a plan after all for those with flights before 1230pm. I don’t know why they couldn’t tell us this beforehand.

We’re now packed and ready to sleep for an early start tomorrow. I can’t believe the cruise is coming to an end. It has been a fabulous 11 days. Panama Canal, here we come!

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