Saturday, 20 November 2010

Conference Calls!

We are officially going to Hong Kong Disney! Malcolm has a 4 day conference there in May next year and he has finally given me definite dates! We booked our airfares today with the Qantas special...I checked our plane, Boeing 747. Even better still, my parents are coming along too. Babysitters AND tour guides all in one. Yeehaw! This will certainly help combat the big post holiday blues come January next year.

Tonight will be a busy night of preparation for our last Disney Meeting before we leave. Family Y will be dialling in on skype from Canada. Everyone is busy updating their relevant spreadsheets, including myself. I also have to study my allocated topics for the trivia night of champions tomorrow afternoon. Yes, our team is representing our local trivia haunt competing with other trivia nerds for the crown of trivia champion. That's right, this is serious business. We are dropping off our children so we can concentrate on Disney talk as well as focus on trivial matters so to speak! Let's tomorrow, I will need to have covered Bond films and the states of the USA. DH has committed to memory the books of the bible and flags of countries beginning with the letter T. He needs to move on to flags of countries beginning with other letters...

Wish us luck!

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