Saturday, 13 November 2010


The one thing that I am truly dreading is the flight to America and the jetlag that follows. 11 of us will be leaving Sydney at 1130 in the morning on a 13 hour and 45 minute flight to LA where we’ll have 3 hours and 45 minutes to go through immigration, pick up our luggage, go through customs, drop them off again for our next flight, go through security and then find our way to our next boarding gate for our connecting flight to Orlando…with 6 children in tow. Hopefully all flights will go ahead as planned and we will be in Orlando 5 hours later unscathed. We arrive at 543pm and who knows what our stomach will think that we’re up to by then. Hopefully the Magical Express won’t take too long to take us to Port Orleans Riverside. We’re hoping to catch a quick bite to eat and then crash. I keep telling myself that if I could survive flying to Europe, then I can survive this…I know I can. I know I can. I know I can.

The flight home should be marginally better as we’ll be flying out from LA and will only have the one plane to catch to reach Sydney. The flight leaves at 1045pm and so here’s to hoping that the children will sleep most of 14 hour flight away!

We’ve tried to include as many domestic legs as we can on our international ticket so that we can utilize the more generous international luggage allowance. How could we possibly pass up the opportunity to take 10 pieces of luggage per family? Think of all the shopping that we could do! All joking aside, I am actually starting to wonder how light I can pack for a family of five given that I’ll have to cater for the extreme cold of New York and Washington DC as well as for the tropical weather of Central America, not to mention the fact that we will be away for over 6 weeks. I am so tempted to just buy everything over there. Not sure how well that will go down with DH…

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