Monday, 22 November 2010

Washington DC

In light of recent stresses...I have relinquished all control of planning for Washington DC. And that is probably a good thing! Although I am super excited to be visiting the setting of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, it will certainly be nice to just "wander" around after our "GO-GO-GO" schedule in WDW and New York.

We will be flying back into Orlando on the 2nd of January. We're not game to take on snowstorms and blizzards. I will NEED that cruise after 4 weeks of hectic madness. I will not risk missing the boat for anything. Besides, I also need a full day of outlet shopping in Orlando. I don't think Malcolm has been informed yet of his all day fatherly duties on Jan 3. I am wondering if I will be able to cover both Prime and Premium outlets in one day...A dinner rendezvous has been organised at Raglan Rd.

We will then head over towards Port Canaveral the next day, picking up passengers along the way and meeting the rest at the motel near the port. Someone else has also volunteered to take over organising the group dinner. Hurray!

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