Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Ready, Steady, SHOP!

I received a most wonderful parcel today! I picked up this hunk of a box and lugged it home to find...

My babushka Samsonite B-lite cases!

I bought a set designed to fit inside each other so that I can take empty suitcases to the states to bring home my goodies. We loved our 4 wheeler suitcases from our trip to Europe so much that we bought Samsonite's newest soft-sided suitcases. The 4 wheels really help with manoeuvrability. And the suitcases are light. The largest 77cm case weighs 3.9kg, the 67cm weighs 3.3kg and the carry on 55cm only 2.6kg. Ok so its no where near as light as the cosmolite but I can't afford $500 per suitcase!

I was going to buy these in the states but was surprised that 1) they were hard to find and 2) the ones that I did find were more expensive. So we'll now be taking 5 suitcases with us with the aim of 3 of them being empty. If we buy more than we have space for, well...the shops are there for a reason! I think Malcolm is really starting to worry about how much I am planning to buy!

Oh, and I do not work for Samsonite...

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