Thursday, 26 May 2011

Back to Reality

We are home safe and sound! It didn't take us very long at all to crash back into reality...I am ready for my next holiday!

Our last day in Hong Kong was one of last minute shopping. We had plans to visit the Pixar exhibition but we had to change MTRs too many times for our liking and couldn't figure out which bus to take. My parents, AKA our trusty guides, had already left for Singapore early in the morning.

So we decided to be brave and return to Sogo! It was slightly better than the previous day as most Hong Kong locals don't start their day until later. I can't even remember anymore what we bought! All I knew was that we spent 2 hours back at the hotel trying to rearrange everything in our suitcases. The rest of the afternoon flew by and we left for Hong Kong airport in the same weather condition as when we arrived...grey and rainy. We were grateful to be able to fit into the one taxi and the ride didn't take long at all.

The Qantas check in counters at Hong Kong International was better organised and more efficient than the one in Sydney. Despite the long line, it moved quickly and the staff were friendly and helpful. Immigration and security were likewise efficient and quick.

We made our way to the wonderfully LARGE food court that they had. We had to spend the last of our Hong Kong dollars. Our first stop was Cafe De Coral for some last minute BBQ pork, duck, rice and noodles, as well as my favourite Hong Kong milk tea. It was a lot cheaper than expected. So we moved on to what has become a bad habit at airports for us...McDonalds! We filled ourselves with taro pies, sundaes and milkshakes. Again, we still had money left over!

It appeared that I was destined to go into the Disney Store...we finally finished our last dollars.

A last minute dash later to purchase a man bag, and we were on the plane flying home. The flight home was not as smooth as the flight over but we were glad to be home nonetheless. We also welcomed Chloe into our home, who will be staying with us over the next 10 months. She had also arrived that morning from the UK.

I realised that I had forgotten to add photos to my last photos so that problem has been fixed!

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