Thursday, 19 May 2011

Braving the Big Buddha

We returned to Lantau Island today to visit the re-knowned Giant Buddha. It was back on the Tung Chung line but this time we went to the very end. From there it was a short walk to the Ngong Ping cable car station. We had to line up to buy tickets. I had forgotten to buy them beforehand online! Drats...and we got allocated booth number four. I hoped this was not a bad sign for the rest of our day. We opted to get the "Enlightened Journey" package. It was supposed to be a "best buy". For our money, we got return tickets for a crystal cabin cable car, and entry into "Walking with Buddha" and Monkey's Tale Theatre. The crystal cabin has a see through floor so we can see how far we have to fall should something bad happen...

Buying our tickets

The boys fascinated by the "Crystal" floor of our cabin

It was a LONG cable car ride, so it was definitely good value for money! What surprised me was the number of people who were actually walking on the path below. I later found out that the journey would take around 2.5 hours. The cable car gave a panoramic view of the mountainous island and of the busy international airport. The surroundings were so green. It was a shame that it was so hazy.

We arrived at Ngong Ping Village at the top of the plateau just after 11am. We decided to stop for a quick noodle lunch before proceeding through the Ngong Ping Piazza to the Giant Buddha. The Giant Buddha is the world's tallest, outdoor, seated bronze Budda. To get up close and personal, one had to climb many, many steps...but the whole family made it. What a magnificent outlook the Giant Buddha has!

We went into "Walking with Buddha" on the way home. It was a short "experience" based on the story of Buddha. We were given head phones with our language of choice and proceeded into various rooms to learn about Buddha. It was very well done and an attraction that could be enjoyed by the whole family. Monkey's Tale Theatre on the other hand was rather ordinary.

A cow just walking along the road...

At Ngong Ping Village

The Monkey's Tale Theater, essentially a cartoon short with a little bit effects thrown in. You won't miss much if you don't see it.

One of the many cute shops at the Village. We bought a pair of cute souvenir chopsticks for the in-laws

The Giant Buddha in profile

Entry to Ngong Ping Piazza

One of the "twelve divine generals" regarded as protectors in Buddhism, each one representing an animal of the chinese zodiac.

A close up. Did I take photos of the ones representing the animals that our family were? Nooo....

Before the climb...we know we can...we know we can...

At the top

The great view

THE only photo we have of us together!

Two very happy children...

...and in contrast

The view down from the cable car

Getting off

We stopped to walk around Citigate Outlets as Malcolm did not get to go the first time around. We somehow managed to buy three pairs of crocs. Then it was back towards Causebay Bay for a quick McDonald's dinner and back to the hotel for an early night. The children were obviously tired from the late evenings for the past 6 days as both Elliot and Lara wet their beds overnight! They had not done this for a LONG time and both were oblivious to the fact that their beds were wet! As awful as I feel about it, I was still glad that I was not the one having to change the bedding! Perhaps another low-key might be in order for tomorrow...

Citigate Outlets. You can just see the McDonalds where we had our snack the first time we were here.

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