Friday, 13 May 2011

Friday the 13th

Waiting to check in

Here I am sitting at trusty McDonald's at Sydney airport, a spot that has quickly become a favourite. There is a sense of Dejavu as it didn't seem so long ago that we were sitting at the same place waiting for our plane to go on our American adventure.

The past 10 days have been a challenge. We farewelled Lanella with great sadness in early May. With no parents or parents-in-law, I had to dig deep...and I just survived. Jonah, of course, chose the day that Lanella left to insist upon wearing undies. He proceeded to poop in his pants and walk all over the house with poo on his socks. Not happy Jan! The children miraculously still got to school on time. We had a brief respite courtesy of our kind friend Luan. She helped us out over the past 4 days with drop-offs and pick ups.

We've had multiple illnesses despite the flu and swine flu jabs (darn it!), near accidents with Jonah running out onto the road and of course the last minute scramble to tidy the house, finish the laundry and pack.

So I look forward to being in Hong Kong where we will be re-united with my parents. Hurray!!! I only have to survive this plane trip with the little terror that is Jonah. I was almost positive that we got shuffled into the security line with no one in it so that they could get rid of us as quickly as possible.
Elliot dutifully writing in his travel journal, an exercise to replace the week of school that he will be missing.

Meanwhile, the other two were too busy scoffing down their drinks...

So here is to parents, good food, great shopping and Hong Kong Disneyland!!!

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