Friday, 20 May 2011

More Shopping

We actually managed to sleep in today. Woohoo! It was then a leisurely and scenic bus ride to Stanley markets. We caught the number 6 bus right outside the hotel. The journey took us past Ocean Park, the beachside area of Repulse Bay and then to the famous markets themselves. We had a really great time shopping as a family. There was something for everyone. We bought clothes, footwear, homeware, toys, heat packs and much more! I need to stop buying clothes for the children...

The market went right out to the waterfront, where we had a very un-chinese lunch of pizzas and fish'n'chips. It was relaxing soaking in the views in front of us. We stopped for an obligatory ice-cream for a respite from the heat and then caught the bus back to the hotel for an afternoon nap.

Dinner was at a chinese restaurant with my mother's friend again. The food was delicious but I was constantly disturbed by a poorly behaved child. It was even more disturbing that the child was mine. Sigh...the waitresses, however, thought he was cute and hilarious and this made him even worse! In the end, we had five of them hovering around him and giving him various goodies.

We ended the day with more shopping, this time at the Japanese department store, Sogo. They had a sale on and it was packed. I mean PACKED! You wonder why Australia has such a huge difficulty with retail turnover. The discounts were not that big but everyone was going crazy. We purchased a tempur pillow which was 40% off, goggles, toys, underwear and more clothes. We had to give up at 9pm when Jonah fell asleep as we left the stroller back at the hotel. We extended our checkout for tomorrow until 5pm and retreated to our room.

The signs pointing us to the shops that we were seeking

Not sure why they were all pulling faces. Surely they could not be tired of my asking them for photos already?!?!

Looking for lunch along the promenade

The beautiful view of the coastline

At least one member of the family still loves to pose!

Ice-cream break whilst waiting for our bus home

Taro ice-cream perhaps not such a good idea

This was just to get into Sogo...

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