Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Shopping With The Locals

Well so much for avoiding camera dementia this trip...I left the camera behind at the hotel! We spend the morning shopping away from the main tourist drags. It was a pleasant change to browse through the little shops and the moderate "shopping centres". I loved the Hong Kong equivalent of our $2 shops and couldn't resist purchasing a selection of knick knacks. The best shop though, was what appeared to be an outlet for Disney merchandise made especially for the Chinese market! The dilemma was how much to buy now and how much to buy at the park tomorrow. I settled for 2 tracksuit pants and a hoodie for the children. I could always come back if the park doesn't satisfy tomorrow (famous last words).

The morning went by quickly and we headed back to hotel after lunch. The children had a short rest whilst we waited for Malcolm to finish the last day of his conference. He surprised us by finishing a little earlier than expected. We caught the number 15 bus to the famous "peak". The bus ride up was hairy at times with double decker buses trying to get past each other at hairpin turns. The views on a clear day would have been spectacular.

Waiting at the bus stop outside our hotel for our bus

To the Peak!

Upon reaching the top, we made our way straight to the viewing terrace only to be surprised by a fee if we wanted to get to the very top! We decided to stop for dinner instead at one of the restaurants at the top. And guess where we ate...

At The Peak on a grey and rainy day

I wonder where we are...

The views from our table

Yep, we had dinner at Bubba Gump's. Isn't that where everyone eats while in Hong Kong??!?! The meal was tasty as always. The service was quick but it wasn't quite the same without an American server! We had a quick look around the shops after dinner and discovered the Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket Booth. The lady serving us was very kind, and advised us that if we purchased our tickets at Disneyland itself using a visa card that we would get 10% off! So we bought only the children's tickets to get the free 5th anniversary Disney umbrella and left the four adults tickets for the next day.

We then had a quick look around outside before heading back down to the city via the tram. Everyone was made to go to sleep early in preparation for a Disney Day tomorrow!

Hong Kong by night

My beloved Mr Brosnan

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