Wednesday, 21 September 2011


It is 9:54pm...and we are still not packed. For an obsessive compulsive planner, this is soul destroying. I am using the excuse of having to chill as an excuse to write this blog update. Besides, I have to sit by the computer to ensure that the children's suzuki music gets loaded onto the multiple electronic devices successfully...

The rest of the conference at Canberra was uneventful. I unfortunately caught a bug somewhere along the way. The bus ride home was long and tiring but was also uneventful. I arrived home at nearly 10pm on the Friday night, threw some things together in a suitcase, and crashed.

On Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early and headed for Stanwell Tops for Getaway, our annual combined church camp. It was an awesome weekend of fun, fellowship and learning about God's word. The speaker was a world reknown authority on ephesians. Unfortunately, his delivery skills were a little lacking. I felt like I was at a lecture and fell asleep a couple of times. To my relief, other members of the congregation also succumbed! I also had the privilege of being baptized in the witness of the wider Cornerstone community. The setting was almost surreal. A serene, quiet "water hole", although freezing, was very special indeed. The event was made even more special with 8 other people being baptized. The talent show in the evening was another highlight. Who would have thought that we have so much talent! I was amazed at the variety as well as the standard of the acts. Old and young participated. One of my favourites had to be the "one man band" Sidney Tong. Absolutely hilarious. The other would be Elliot performing the "Wonky Donkey". I still have no idea what inspired him to want to perform to the point where he organised to be included by himself!
Our fearless leader rallying the troops for family games

Organiser extraordinaire who co-ordinated more than 300 people including programs for over 70 children

The ground right in front of the dining room where the games were held

Elliot taking the egg and spoon race very seriously

The boy who has no fear

Mark 1 CS 0. 

The amazing setting

The children were super excited to find tadpoles. Hmmm...what else is in the water?

Getting ready to be dunked

The weekend flew past and before long, it was time to unpack, wash and think about repacking. Elliot had a concert on Tuesday that I nearly missed from sheer disorganisation. I also received the unfortunate news that my role at work would be made full time. I was given a choice to take up the role but this was not what we wanted for our family. So it looks like I will work until the end of the year when I will receive a redundancy package. I was disappointed and had an embarrassing burst of tears. However, I knew that it was just ego that was bruised with being "let go". That had never happened to me before! When my Disney scrapbook arrived, my spirits improved infinitely as I remembered what was important to me.

All joking aside, Malcolm and I had a serious conversation about how best to use to money and how the Lord does provide in mysterious ways! We had prayed about having a response to the situation that would glorify His name, and to embrace whatever change that may come our way if that is indeed His will. In a way, it was best that this happened before the trip. Now with all the lows over, its time to get busy enjoying the good US of A. America here we come!


  1. Oh wow, perfect timing for you to step into the role of my full time lady of leisure buddy/partner in crime. But seriously, that kinda sucks!

    And free dinner? I'm guessing Homewood Suites...

  2. OMG - I wonder if that is the same site at Stanwell Tops where I went for my church camps as a primary school aged child some (cough cough) years ago - and I mean YEARS! Of cours it would have to be new facilities after all those decades!