Wednesday, 28 September 2011

'M' for Malcolm?

We couldn't see the other letters, so M must be for Malcolm  (according to the children)

Today was a designated travel day. We had to bid farewell to Yellowstone National Park and make our way up to Glacier National Park, Montana. We decided to break the journey up by stopping at Missoula. Lunch was at a small roadside diner at Butte. We promptly learnt that it was pronounce 'beaut' (as in you beauty!) and not 'butt' (as in kiss my butt). We have been in the country for 5 days and we are still over-ordering at every meal! Malcolm ordered a salad for lunch and was unable to finish it.

After lunch, we were unable to make our air-conditioner work in the car. The children (bless their little souls) sat in the car for a further 2 hours whilst we made our way to Missoula. Fortunately, the a/c fixed itself as soon we we arrived at our hotel. As a treat, we took the children to the carousel downtown. The ponies were all hand-carved. Next to the carousel was the most amazing playground ever, situated right next to the Clark Fork River. Oma and Opa spoiled them a bit further with a BIG lollipop each to chomp on whilst we walked along the river.

One awesome playground!

The view of the River from the playground

Everyone enjoying the carousel

Jonah on his second ride on his own horse. Surprisingly, he was not scared by the very fast carousel

We made our way back to the hotel for our free chicken caesar salad. Malcolm, aka "Super Dad", took the children swimming, bathed them and put them to sleep, did the laundry, as well as buying hot buffalo wings for us to munch on! Meanwhile, I had serious business to attend to. Montana has no sales tax and so the children scored plenty. Who can resist T-shirts at $2.37?

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