Thursday, 29 September 2011

Glacier National Park

We have arrived at Glacier National Park right on the Canadian border after another day of marathon driving. I will need to add more words to my vocabulary other than amazing, stunning and spectacular. Scenic just really doesn't do the scenery justice. We made it to West Glacier Park with the plan to drive along the Going To The Sun Road right to East Glacier where our resort is. Alas, the road was closed 16 miles down! We were determined to be undeterred. We forged ahead, did a u-turn, and then drove AROUND the National Park to reach the east entrance where we drove long the other end of the road! Unfortunately, the road works meant that we were unable to get off and take photos of the beauty around us. We had to follow the pilot car. This was probably a good thing as the temperature was significant lower compared to previous days! We were allowed to go as far as Logan Pass where we did manage to get off and walk around. On our way back, we were fortunate enough to spot another grizzly bear!

The west entrance to the park

A fantastic spot to stop for lunch

Our view

Made to drive around the park, but what a scenic drive it was

One the stops we made. Oma off like a rocket to look at the stones and rocks. Oma and Opa are convince that they are able to find previous stones somewhere in there...

Cascadilla Creek

Another picturesque stop. Bear Creek

Finishing off Going To The Sun Rd, this time from the east entrance

Roadworks! What?!?!? Apparently the harsh winter damaged a lot of the road

Not allowed to stop so here's the best we can do from within the car

Yay! Made it to Logan Pass

Our car

Bear! This spot earnt Lara an ice-cream
 Tired and cold, we ate at the restaurant attached to the resort. We are once again suffering from meat overload although this wasn't entirely unpredictable seeing as I ordered bison meatloaf and Malcolm ordered a 10 ounce prime rib.

I use the term resort loosely. The marketing team has to be applauded as the resort looks a lot more glamourous online than it does in real life. Our rooms are nice but I expected more of a spa-like resort rather than a haphazard collection of odd buildings spread across the highway. Internet is only available at the main lobby gasped one internet addict in disbelief. Sigh...Malcolm and I are about to brave the cold and dash back to our rooms. Wish us luck for our guided hike tomorrow!

Bison meatloaf

Our room


  1. OK. Good luck for your guided hike tomorrow.

  2. OMG - that room looks like it could be in WDW Wilderness Lodge!