Sunday, 4 September 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Sydney produced a beautiful Spring day to celebrate Father's day. After a last minute scramble to find an available restaurant (yes we were very disorganised), we settled on Citigrill at Top Ryde city. We were all keen to try it out as none of us had ever been there before. It was a co-ordinated event with my parents, Malcolm's parents as well Asha's parents all in attendance. The venue was lovely and the lunch delicious and plentiful. The restaurants had a common open area. There were many children enjoying themselves in the sun around the water feature. My children surprisingly refrained! There was also a trio playing jazz tunes which added to the relaxed ambience.

One of the many restaurants at the new "La Piazza" at Top Ryde City
The open area with the water fountains
Waiting for the rest of the family to arrive
Oma studying the menu and the children studying their ipads...

2 happy fathers
The Jazz trio
A very restrained Jonah?!?!?
The rest of the day was a relaxed affair at home. It was nice to eat a simple light meal of tuna salad. Once the children were in bed, we were free to  get to other important thing like playing with the ipad and booking hotels for our upcoming trip to the US...

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