Monday, 26 September 2011

Moose Matters

Breakfast for me today was scrambled eggs, potato and biscuit with sausage gravy. Whilst it was delicious, I could only stomach half. I remained full for a very long time! We headed back into Yellowstone National Park pulling over to stop at leisure. I have to comment here on how well maintained and well managed the National Parks are. With good facilities, excellent roads (we have not encountered a single pot-hole), and a variety of trails, they do make it easy for everyone to enjoy the National Park and its beauty. May I add that we have not seen a single bit of rubbish. The scenery that we saw along the way were stunning. I will let the photos do the talking and hope that they do them justice!

Gibbon river

The children learnt about the differences between geysers, hot springs, mud pots, and steam vents

A bizarre and an almost surreal landscape

Different coloured algae indicate the temperature of the water

Beginnings of a miniature rock formation

Beautiful scenery everywhere you look

He who has boundless energy

Our midday stop

We had lunch at a 1950's style diner. There is just something yummy about American burgers and fries.

Some relaxing time whilst letting Oma and Opa get their shopping fix

The bribe to get Jonah to behave for the rest of the day

Not to be outdone by his siblings, he managed to get a Yellowstone junior ranger sticker!

Yellowstone River about to barrage down to form Upper  Falls

"Big water" says Jonah


The aptly named Artist Point

One of the few photos of Malcolm and I together!

Our afternoon tea picnic stop - Cull Point on the Yellowstone Lake

We were the only ones there to enjoy the spot and the view

Opa had bought a CD for the children during his shopping spree. It was all about Moose! We learnt all sorts of interesting facts about Moose as well as listened to many songs about Moose. Did you know that Moose can dive down to 20 feet? And can swim 3 times faster than the fastest man? With our heads filled with Moose facts, we spotted one! Or so we thought. It turned out to be a different large animal with antlers. We have decided that it was an elk. It was a nice way to end another magnificent day at a magnificent park.

Herds of bison roaming everywhere


The charming town of West Yellowstone, Montana

The shops had very cute signs

Many were hand painted

Being good chinese, we managed to scout out a restaurant which had just opened today!

Funky interiors! Food was fortunately good as well


  1. Ummm....I'm happy to be found wrong...but I'm pretty sure that's an elk. It's hard to tell with such a small photo though....

    I have something of a moose obsession.....hehe....

    Anyway. Lovely shots. Glad the kids are having fun and enjoying themselves!!

  2. Yes it was an elk. Perhaps the caption was misleading. The children were so excited because we had been listening about Moose for the past hour that we all thought Moose when we saw antlers, but it was not to be!