Saturday, 28 January 2012

Goodbye To Bali

I am writing this as we ready ourselves to leave our beloved villa. The past 2 days unfortunately, have been rather unremarkable, with most of our time consumed by purchasing more items for our home. We got some petrified wood, rattan rugs, a custom made stainless steel sign (for Malcolm's man cave) and lots more. We  did have a wonderful evening last night at the funky W Hotel. The entrance to the place could have easily accommodated a small Balinese village! We had dinner at the restaurant overlooking the beach. The restaurant served Japanese food with Indonesian influences. I apologise for the poor photos, we know how poor my low light photography is...

Today we managed to squeeze in a few movies at our villa, had a swim and a massage in an attempt to enjoy our last few hours of freedom. We have had fun in Bali. There were moments when it didn't feel quite right to be here, with unwell relatives and our children being looked after by a multitude of people. In light of this, we did our best to make sure that our time here counted for something, that we made full use of the opportunity that we've been given.

So tune in for the next post from Sydney!

The stunning W Hotel

The amazing poolside area

Dinner venue

Interesting eating booths

The view of the sunset from our table

The blue light which was to be our only source of light for the rest of the evening...

Crackers and salsa to start with
Mocha frappe

Much anticipiated salmon sashimi

Coral fish

Lobster chawan mushi

Crispy duck confit with green papaya salad

Mirin pork belly with congee

Tempura squid with kaffir lime and chilli aioli

A reading light for the menu...and when the light goes off, the waiters know you're ready to order. Ingenious!

Pineapple sorbet

Utilising room service for lunch on our last day at the villa

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