Friday, 27 January 2012

Nusa Dua and Surrounds

I am exhausted. So it will be a quick post today.

We headed for Tanjung Benoa-Nusa Dua to try some water sports. After much discussion, Malcolm and I agreed upon the "donut", some snorkling and heading out to Turtle Island on a glass bottomed boat. Overall, we had fun, but our experiences today sure made us appreciate various things more and reminded us not to take things for granted. I am talking about respected and well run zoos specifically here. Turtle Island was a little but distressing. The various animals just were not kept in good conditions and were being mobbed by all the tourists. I am not a huge animal activist, but we chose to leave immediately. This is something that I would definitely not recommend to anyone. The snorkling was fun, but the reef was in quite poor condition as well.
Tanjung Benoa-Nusa Dua

The Beach. Glad I left my camera in the car...saw someone fall into the water from the boat with their Nikon attached to a n expensive lens...
Soto ayam

My mocktail for the day


After a quick lunch stop, we headed for Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, where they have begun construction of what will be the world's biggest statue (If they build it in time!), The heat finally got to us and Ipung drove us to the nearby Karma Kandara, a beautiful resort built into the cliff side with the most stunning view of the Ocean. We somehow managed to wander around with no staff noticing us and made our way down an elevator of sorts to the beach. We had accidentally discovered the Nammos Beach Club. We also discovered that there was a 150,000 Rupiah entrance fee! The staff kindly waived this for us due our ignorance and we sat down for our cocktails. In a moment of stupidity, I ordered an actual cocktail rather than a mocktail. And we all know what happens when I consumes alcohol...

GWK cultural centre

The head of the Garuda is done

The smouldering Wisnu

Wisnu's head and chest is for the rest of the garuda and wisnu!

The unassuming entrance to the Karma Kandara

A deserted lounge

Yep...I'll have one of these pools thanks Malcolm!

Beautiful cliffside gardens and walkways

We managed to get onto this contraption

down to a private beach club

The frozen cocktail that did me in for the day

We had to abandon ship and head back to our villa. And so endeth our day of relaxation. Tomorrow its back to the grind, to fill up the nooks and cranny of our container with soft furnishings.

Selamat Malam and Happy Australia Day to those who celebrate!

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