Sunday, 15 January 2012

Lens Effect

I recently wrote about Adjust, one of the many photography software made by Topaz Labs. So impressed I was by Adjust, that I went ahead and bought the whole bundle! I haven't had time to play around with all of the various functions but thought I'd try out Lens Effect with its recent upgrade.

Lens Effects simulates a wide range of lens, filters and specialty cameras. Topaz has very helpful online videos on how to use it, as well as a short "how-to" pdf tutorial to get you started. Like Adjust, it was an easy to use plug-in. I launched Lens Effect from Lightroom and edited a photo in under 5 minutes as an experiment. Please note that the effects has been exaggerated for demonstration purposes! I do feel that the program is powerful enough to give realistic effects. Although capturing the effect on camera would still be ideal, the program is a great alternative for those who don't own the various filters and lenses (which can be expensive), as well as being a great tool for those with creative flair!

The example below uses the Bokeh - selective option



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