Wednesday, 25 January 2012

To Buy Or Not To Buy

The mission for today was to fill a whole container load with "stuff". On hand to help us, was Nancy, someone from a logistics company. Her role was to take us to the shops which stock or can provide what we want, bargain on our behalf, and then look after pick up, packing, fumigation, and shipping.

We had so much fun fossicking through warehouses full of furniture, stoneware, homewares and much much more. There were many unusual items, and most were very well priced. We wanted to find timber feature pieces to soften the white walls and polished concrete floor in our new home. One of our favourite finds was a HUGE recycled teak table that was over 100 years old. The other highlight was finding a place that could custom make and carve a recycled teak front door for us for under $500. Watching the wood carver at work filled us with awe. They worked with a very rough stencil and just hacked away to produce beautiful designs. 

Pineapple juice today

Time to go Asian for breakfast. Nasi goreng

Teak framed mirror...$35!

Hand carved door. We can get a teak door custom made for under $500

Kitchen stools made from old traditional boats

Seat for our entry

In 6.5 hours, we managed to buy enough to fill one container. With our mission accomplished, it was time to fill the stomach. We worked through the recommendations made by my cousin which have been great so far. It appeared that he had a leaning towards high end dining...We went to kudeta, a beach side restaurant and drinks lounge. It really was a funky place with amazing views and decor. The food was good. The service as with all our other experiences, was superb. They were efficient, professional whilst maintaining a very friendly and relaxed demeanour. There no airs or graces and everyone was welcomed including children! I thought this was fantastic.

Grateful that the restaurant was very close to our villa, we rolled into bed exhausted. Tomorrow is a day of rest at the beach of Nusa Dua. Stay tuned

Dinner venue

View upon entry

The drink lounges by the beach front

Deciding on what to eat

Kites flying at the beach

Papaya based mocktail

Soft shelled crab salad with pork belly

Macadamia praline tart with yoghurt sorbet

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