Saturday, 6 October 2012

4 Minutes In The Corner

The birthday boy!
Our beloved monster turned 4 today. How time flies! To maintain sanity, we had a simple "tea and cake" party to mark the occasion. The Birthday Boy didn't care, all he wanted was for people to come to the party. The type of party was irrelevant! Family and close friends arrived promptly at 930am for morning tea. The single game of Pass the parcel to Afro-circus, and Gangnam Style was a hit! It was a wonderful morning of fun and laughter. It was also an extremely low maintenance party thanks to friends and family who helped clean up. By 1130, we were all tidied up and ready to go for lunch!

Lara and Elliot always happy to be at a party

Elliot organising "pass the parcel"

The party bags

The  "healthy option"

Lemon tart

Hazelnut torte

The Disneyware are making special apprearances

The tea station

Mmm...yes there are nine candles on the cake. Daddy put them in...

Let's blow the candles out quickly so we can eat it!

Pass the parcel. I won! Oh no...

Its a princess pencil and notebook set! Just what a boy always dreams of

The children with their pass the parcel loot

Jonah with his presents

A new scooter from nanna and grandpa!

Alysa loves her cousin
Lunch was a small affair. Comfort chinese food was always appreciated on cold rainy days. The afternoon comfort activity of choice was mastering the boardgame, Le Havre, whilst listening to the sultry voice of Madeleine Peyroux. That was for the parents. Elliot and Lara happily went home with Oma and Opa. Jonah and Samuel were content with sticking bits of whatever they could find together with sticky tape to make spaceships. All in all, a very satisfying day with the exception of Jonah's discovery that he now has to spend four minutes in the corner upon a naughty deed. Three is no longer!

All eyes on the screen at lunch

Showing Uncle Brian how its done


With fried goodies

The boys amused themselves by making spaceships whilst their parents played a boardgame. Samuel's ship

Jonah's version.

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