Sunday, 7 October 2012


Cirque Du Soleil's Ovo at the Entertainment Quarter, Fox Studios
We just came back from seeing Ovo, by Cirque Du Soleil. It has been a busy week and we're pooped so it will be a short post! In short, the show was AWESOME! The whole family loved it. We've never seen Jonah sit so still for so long before. The music, the performers, and the costumeswere all superb, and the changes between acts and seamless. It was well worth the money that we paid to see it. I'm almost positive that the whole family is now secretly yearning to be a circus star...

Unfortunately, they did not allow photography inside the big top so you'll have to be content with photos outside!
Lining up to get into the carpark

And we're out of the carpark!

Bee line towards the big top...

...via the gozleme stand!


Picnic style

Jonah prefers to lie down

Jonah also prefers to be fed...

Time to go in. Yay!

The next stars of the circus?

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